Swindon Community Learning 2014 – 2015

Swindon Community Learning 2014 – 2015

Lot 1: (2 – 10 hours, non-accredited) – Routes to Work Vocational tasters.

Swindon Borough Council
Swindon Community Learning 2014-2015
Swindon Borough Council is advertising an opportunity to provide community learning to adults in Swindon.



Community learning is designed to help people of different ages (19 years old and over) and backgrounds gain a new skill, re-connect with learning, pursue an interest, prepare for progression to formal courses or learn how to support their children better.

Community Learning supports wider government policies on localism, social justice, stronger families, digital inclusion and social mobility.  It focuses on turning around the lives of local people and having a positive impact on the social and economic well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Delivery is targeted at Swindon Community Learning Partnership priority adults and communities.  We are looking for innovative provision that engages, motivates and builds confidence and skills that support individuals to progress into other learning, volunteering or paid work.   This procurement is for:

Contract up to maximum of £5,000 for one of the Lots below, Lot 1 – 4.


Lot 1: (2 – 10 hours, non-accredited) – Routes to Work Vocational tasters

Lot 2: (2 – 10 hours, non-accredited)- Family Learning and/or Wider Family Learning

Lot 3: (15-30 hours, non-accredited) – An Introduction to English for Speakers of Other Languages – ESOL

Lot 4: (15-30 hours, non-accredited) – An Introduction to Life Skills or English, Maths and IT, or Family Learning.


The contract will be for a 3 month period starting 1st May 2015 and ending 31st July 2015


This is a competitive tender process and a contract will be awarded to the organisation/s deemed to represent the best quality learning provision with the most economical and advantageous and tender.


Please note that this opportunity may be advertised on other web portals, however, this is the only portal that includes all the relevant documents required to respond to this opportunity.  The tender documents are included within this webpage as ‘contract attachments.’  Clarifications to the contract attachments may be submitted to the named contact, Routes to Employment, e-mail:  routestoemployment@swindon.gov.uk


Clarification responses will only be uploaded as further contract attachments to this webpage on a regular basis.   In the event of technical difficulties downloading contract attachments please refer to the named contact.   


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