Target Hardening Security Contract – Solihull

Target Hardening Security Contract – Solihull

Requirement for target hardening security measures for sanctuary scheme in Solihull.

Sanctuary Scheme: Provision of Target Hardening Security Measures

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  • Construction work for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences – 45215000
  • Social work services – 85310000

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B91 3QB

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£0 to £45,000

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SOL – 10223

Published date

23 February 2021

Closing date

12 March 2021

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15 April 2021

Contract end date

15 April 2023

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Service contract

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The frequency and severity of domestic abuse and/or the vulnerability of the victim and their children leads to many victims of domestic abuse having little option but to move out of their accommodation and possibly out of the area. Many of whom continue to live in fear of their perpetrator tracking them down to their new accommodation, which may lead to further episodes of homelessness. Those who make the decision to be re-housed often have to leave their possessions behind and risk losing contact with or weakening their support network. Nationally domestic abuse is a leading reason for women’s homelessness and is consistently within the top three reasons for homelessness in Solihull.
During 2019/20 domestic abuse accounted for 22% of all main duty homelessness acceptances in Solihull, which equates to 76 individuals/families. For the period April – December 2020 the equivalent figure was 24% equating to 68 individuals / families. In addition, 14% of the total number of approaches of those who were homeless or threatened with homelessness during April – December 2020 were facing homelessness as a result of domestic abuse (230 individuals / families).
Refuge and other temporary accommodation can provide a safe space for households that are at risk, however many victims do not want to leave their homes or would like to return to their home after a stay in temporary accommodation. Interventions that improve the physical security of the family home are evidenced as good practice (CLG 2010) and can give some victims a realistic opportunity to remain in their home. Commonly these are called ‘Sanctuary’.
The Homeless Reduction Act (2017) introduced new duties on local authority homelessness services to prevent homelessness and provide support to those at risk of homelessness and the pending Domestic Abuse Act 2020 will place a statutory duty on Local Authorities to provide domestic abuse safe accommodation. Both pieces of legislation require local authorities to develop interventions which will enable households at risk due to domestic abuse, to have access to safe accommodation. Sanctuary schemes are recognised as having a role to play in delivering the requirements of both duties, as they give victims/survivors a choice to remain in their property.
Solihull Sanctuary is one part of a multi-agency response to households at risk of domestic violence and is delivered alongside wider support to the household. It is one element of the Solihull’s ‘Housing Pathway: Victims of Domestic Abuse’. Prevention and protection from domestic abuse are key themes in the Solihull Domestic Abuse Strategy.
Sanctuary services in Solihull have previously been contracted out and more recently they have delivered through the council’s Arms-Length Management Organisation ‘Solihull Community Housing’
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) is now looking to commission delivery of Sanctuary to an independent specialist for an initial 2-year per…


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