Targeted and Preventative Family Support Services

Targeted and Preventative Family Support Services

[Value: £5000000.0 – £10000000 | Location: Inner London – West | Deadline Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 00:00:00 GMT.  Wandsworth Borough Council is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the provision of early intervention family support services to be based within the Borough. 

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Deadline date: 15/03/2012

This deadline is for… Deadline for Expression of Interest

Contract value: £5,000,000 – £10,000,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: Inner London – WestInner London – West,

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? No

Name of the buying organisation: Wandsworth Borough Council

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Wandsworth Borough Council is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the provision of early intervention family support services to be based within the Borough. Seven service areas are available in Lots to provide early intervention family support as part of a multi-agency, integrated approach that is delivered in and around Children’s Centres and schools. The provision of services for children and young people and their families will focus on those at levels 2 and 3 of the ‘London Continuum of Need’, for those with special needs and disabilities and families with children meeting the definition of Young Carers. The services will use the Common Assessment Framework or specialist assessments such as Core and Initial Assessments; (or any future replacement), working as part of a multi agency team and closely with Children Centres and Schools where it forms part of the required full core offer of services. The provision of services designed to improve outcomes for children and young people and their families by providing a range of specialist’s interventions including: practical and emotional support and counselling support for families where appropriate. Social work service for families with more complex needs. Advice and intervention where children or someone in their family has a disability or special educational need that could impair the outcomes for the young child. In-depth family intervention where there are parent mental health concerns. The lots are as follows: Lot 1 Roehampton and Putney level 2/3 (all age groups) Lot 2 Battersea level 2/3 (all age groups) Lot 3 Tooting Level 2/3 (all age groups) Lot 4 Special Needs support – all three localities and Borough-wide Lot 5 Borough wide social work project Lot 6 Borough wide specialist parent mental health support Lot 7 Borough wide support to Young Carers


Classification of the contract

85000000 Health and social work services

98000000 Other community, social and personal services

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Contract type: Services – 25

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? No

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract: 01/04/2013 – 31/03/2018


Who to contact

Contact name Juliana Braithwaite

Address Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, Wandsworth, London, SW18 2PU

Telephone 02088817389

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How to apply

It is anticipated that tenders will be sought in July 2012. The contracts will commence on 1st April 2013 for an initial fixed term of 3 years with with an option to extend for up to a further two years. Selection for inclusion within the tender list will be based on responses provided within the PQQ including the following criteria: – 1. Satisfactory evidence of at least three years’ relevant experience of providing similar services to those required by the Council. This should be in the form of research based evidence and evaluation of previous work that demonstrates improved outcomes for children and young people and their families, particularly those that are detailed in the draft specification 2. Satisfactory evidence of the ability to deliver to the contract standard drawn from referees 3. Satisfactory evidence of the professional and technical qualifications and experience of the individuals assigned to deliver the Service 4. Evidence of economic and financial standing in respect of viability to perform the Services which will be assessed based on information provided by the Council’s credit check agency. 5. Evidence of suitable insurance cover. (Public Liability to a minimum of £5,000,000 (five million pounds) per occurrence, Employers Liability to a minimum of £10,000,000 (ten million pounds) or a statement that these will be obtained if awarded the contract 6. Satisfactory evidence that the organisation has an annual turnover equivalent to at least twice the annual value of the lots the organisation wishes to express an interest in or at another level as specified solely at the discretion of the Director of Finance 7. Satisfactory evidence of a sound record of quality standards including complaint handling; and sound policies as required including health and safety, safeguarding and equalities 8. Satisfactory evidence of an innovative and comprehensive proposal for the future of the service It is intended to restrict the tender list to a maximum of 6 companies per lot. If more than 6 companies per lot fulfil the criteria for selection, those scoring the highest number of points on the evaluation criteria will be invited to tender. The award of the contract will be based on MEAT (i.e. most economically advantageous tender). This will be assessed with weightings of 80% for price and 20% for quality considerations. Suppliers will also be invited to propose a percentage discount should they be awarded multiple lots. TUPE may apply to staff employed by the present contractors. Tenderers are advised to form their own view as to whether this is the case and details of staff will be provided at tender invitation stage. Tenderers are also advised that Central Government are consulting to remove “The Best Value Authorities Staff Transfers (Pensions) Direction 2007”, so tenders will need to include two prices, one based on the Directive remaining and one based on it having been rescinded. Applicants are advised that references will be obtained in writing from three referees. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their referees respond within the time scale. Response Address: Early Years Service The Professional Centre Franciscan Road Juliana Braithwaite Wandsworth Borough Council 02088717389 SW17 8HE London