Telemarketing Campaign Contract

Telemarketing Campaign Contract

Our aim is do as much as we can to provide tailored support to scale up and pre-scale up businesses to generate economic opportunity, jobs and expansion by gaining new knowledge.

Contract summary


  • Advertising and marketing services – 79340000
  • Marketing services – 79342000
  • Direct marketing services – 79342100

Location of contract

East Midlands, East of England, South East

Value of contract

£30,000 to £40,000

Published date

03 July 2020

Closing date

22 July 2020

Contract start date

18 August 2020

Contract end date

30 June 2022

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Contract is suitable for VCSEs?




Our aim is do as much as we can to provide tailored support to scale up and pre-scale up businesses
to generate economic opportunity, jobs and expansion by gaining new knowledge. Assessing their
growth to date and putting in place robust plans for the future and to support them through the key
challenges they are faced with when scaling their businesses. Through business growth workshops
in partnership with business experts from three local universities to develop a growth plan and how
to action it, 1:1 business coaching and Peer to peer networks to provide ongoing support to
businesses in their growth ambitions.
The primary key activities that have to be delivered include:
– Reporting the specific issues that businesses report as barriers for scaling, identify
emerging issues/trends in respect of growth.
– Providing weekly reports on activities including business numbers engaged; events
delivered, issues raised, issues resolved and issues to be escalated.
– Scaling up the number of businesses (particularly SMEs) engaged and cascading the
business resilience.
– Signpost businesses to other sources of further information and support (local, national,
public and private) where required.
Key requirements
SEMLEP would like to appoint a telemarketing organisation to help generate leads to our Growth
Curve Project
Generate leads and identify potential growth and high growth businesses and book appointments for
our advisers to carry out diagnostics and provide tailored support for these businesses. This will
– Helping us to prepare communications that will attract businesses to take part in the
upscaling and growth project.
– Setting up a number of appointments for each of our advisers to carry out a 3-hour
business growth diagnostics and support.
– Specify the number of confirmed appointments you would generate over the lifetime of the
project for the advisers. This will contribute to our target of engaging with 500 businesses
before June 2022.
– Access will be given to the adviser’s calendars. They will mark the time in their diary is
time for appointments. Sufficient time to travel to appointments needs to be given
– Recording calls for quality purposes.
– Emailing confirmation to advisers and copy to the data analyst
– Agreeing a script – A detailed communication will be given to the telemarketing company
on the benefits of the Growth Curve appointment which will be free of charge to the SME.
– Providing SEMLEP with the results of all telephone conversations with the businesses
called – to boost intelligence levels on business concerns and growth challenges.
– How you would manage under performance.
– The production of a weekly report.
– Monthly video meeting with SEMLEP for contract management.
– Please give an indication of the cost per appointment.


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Innovation Centre, Cranfield University Technology Park
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+44 1234436100



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