Tender Guidance

Requesting Copies of Successful Tenders Under the Freedom of Information Act


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 it is now possible for suppliers to request copies of completed tenders from public sector organisations. We have only recently begun to add Freedom of Information Officers to all our databases and so where the relevant contact is not available in the Government Online Database, suppliers should locate the Freedom of Information Officer on the website of the organisation in which they are interested. In making a Freedom of Information request one should be as specific as possible – that is, one should define the exact tender that was advertised, its reference, and the date it was advertised (if possible). Confidential details may be withheld at the bequest of the original source of the information – examples of such data being precise costs for any given contract – but enough of the information should be accessible to make the request well worthwhile. It is an approach of great use for companies that are in the early stages of acquainting themselves with the tender process. An example of a successful tender can help identify strengths and weaknesses in one’s own tender bids, and can remove a significant amount of confusion as regards the exact approach for pursuing the tender process to its end.

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