Tender Guidance



There are a number of general points that may be put forward in conclusion. Suppliers need to systematise the tendering process: that means choosing the right contract, allocating effective resources to the contract, having company, product, policy and reference information prepared, asking questions after due consideration of the contract’s specifications, preparing and presenting the bid, post-result analysis, contract monitoring (if successful), and then utilising both the bid and the award as a means of increasing corporate knowledge in relation to the tender process, and then repeating it when the next suitable contract is advertised. Every company that offers a good quality product and service can succeed in the public sector marketplace, if it marshalls its resources effectively and communicates the advantages of doing business with it in a convincing and attractive manner.


Additional Guidance and Policy Templates


  • ‘An Overview of Council Procurement’. Includes the procurement guide for Sefton Council.


  • ‘Evaluating Tenders on Quality and Price’.Includes the document of the same name published by Birmingham City Council, as a guide for suppliers.


  • ‘Policies -Environmental Policy, Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection’.Includes templates for creating company policies. 


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