Tender Guidance

Tendering Thresholds


Contracts must be put out to European tender (that is, advertised in Tenders Electronic Daily, the official contracts’ journal of the European Union) if they meet or exceed the following levels:


For Goods and Services: £160,511

For Works’ Contracts: £4,012,683


If contracts are below these thresholds then public bodies can advertise them locally or nationally, according to their requirements. A large organisation will have an internal threshold of £50,000-£75,000, for which contracts must be dealt with centrally by the Corporate Procurement Division of the respective body; orders of a contract value below that level may be dealt with via a less formal tendering process on an individual departmental basis (with fewer stipulations from the suppliers) or by a Request For Quote (RFQ) – the nature of which process is self-explanatory. Smaller companies generally target this market, only occasionally making official tender bids.

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