Tender Guidance

Preparation of Tender Documents


Tender documents should always be printed and never handwritten. According to the amount of paperwork entailed in the bid it may be requisite to bind the documents, in order to make them as attractively presentable as possible. The writing style should be precise and unambiguous, without

long-winded explanations that harm rather than benefit the tender bid. A straightforward use of English will always be superior to one that is convoluted and complex.


Asking Questions


One of the key errors committed by many potential suppliers is in failing to ask questions. If something is unclear in the ITT the supplier should contact the buyer for the tender and ask them to clarify the matter. It is best to ask questions in one go, without repeatedly contacting the individual involved – a process which necessitates critically reading through the documents and arriving at the appropriate questions after a due period of consideration. Suppliers need to be aware that any questions asked will be sent to other companies in the bidding process, and therefore should consider carefully what information they are requesting and what facets of their organisation they are making public to their rivals. Asking questions is part of the standard tender procedure.

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