Tender Guidance

Preparing Information on your Company and its Services


Government organisations need to know that all suppliers are obeying the law and act within the constraints of current legislation. Essentially, they wish to be certain that the companies they are buying products and services from are good quality businesses that do not discriminate against their employees in any way and that seek to embrace the latest commercial and environmental practises. The main policies required cover the following areas:


Health and Safety

Equal Opportunities

Environmental Issues

Data Protection


Due to the wide-ranging nature of each of these categories I will not define the exact criteria they represent, but will merely point out that each company should have policy documents available that adequately express their corporate stance on these issues. If your company does not have such information ready to hand, we can provide official templates and guidances that will quickly enable businesses to comply with these individual requirements.


Information on your company will also need to be supplied. The main categories are:



Product and Service Information (including Technical Specifications)

Biographies of Team Members

Copies of Certificates or Accreditations from Professional Organisations

Information on Partners and/or Subcontractors


Case Studies (when applicable)


Small companies may not have 3 years’ accounts available. If that is the case, it may be possible to supply 2 years’ accounts; if not 2 years’, then 1 years’. Business plans and financial projections for forthcoming years may be used if the strict criteria of 3 years’ accounts cannot be met. Companies will need to check with the buyer concerned, but in most cases where 3 years’ accounts are not absolutely necessary, additional information may be supplemented to meet the terms of the advertised contract. The vast majority of public sector organisations are happy to deal with SMEs so long as they can demonstrate the ability to fulfil the demands of the contracts which they are seeking to win. It is of course necessary to be able to supply the set products or services of any given contract over the course of time specified in the contract.

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