Text Messaging Software

Text Messaging Software

The Council has identified the need for a corporate text messaging solution.

Newcastle City Council
003104 – Corporate Text Messaging Solution Framework Agreement
The Council has identified the need for a corporate text messaging solution. Text messaging will form part of the authorities Digital by Default programme with text messages replacing some existing channels of communication in some service areas.  The use of text messages will replace some phone calls and written communications and will contribute towards budget savings. The solution will be used for both transactional and promotional activities.

The chosen supplier will be expected to provide the following functionality:

    • Inbound messaging
    • Outbound messaging
    • A way of identifying which message customers are responding to if multiple messages are sent
    • Integration with back office systems (real time and batch)
    • Reporting including failed messages
    • Invoicing that will break down costs by service area etc.

The above list is not exhaustive and a detailed specification will be provided to suppliers that are invited to tender.

Some of the service areas who intend to use text messaging include but are not limited to:

    • Schools – notifying parents of closures
    • City Hall
    • School admissions – progress reporting
    • Revenues & Benefits – Missed payment reminders, requests for information
    • Environment & Regeneration – Alerts about changes to bin collection days, appointment reminders, communication with volunteers working emergency situations
    • Libraries – book reservations and overdue notifications


Mrs Ying Tuckerman
Email Address:
0191 2115867
0191 2114832
Room 310
Civic Centre, Newcastle City Council
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE99 2BN
United Kingdom
Key Dates
08/03/2013 14:45
22/03/2013 15:00
Other Information
36 (months)
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