Town Centre Retail Consultancy Contract Ashford

Town Centre Retail Consultancy Contract Ashford

Ashford Borough Council wishes to appoint a consultant to produce a Town Centre Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment for Ashford Borough. 

Provision of Consultancy Services – Town Centre Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment
Ashford Borough Council
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Caroline Carney
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01233 330605
Ashford Borough Council wishes to appoint a consultant to produce a Town Centre Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment for Ashford Borough.  The study will form part of the evidence base for Ashford’s new Local Plan, and be used to inform the strategy for Ashford Town Centre.At this stage we are asking consultants to tender for the work as detailed in the attached document ‘Consultants Brief’Bid Submission:
Please refer to the ‘Instructions and Conditions of Quotation’ in the attached document.

In submitting a proposal for this project, the Contractor will be required to:
– Submit the enclosed Form of Quotation, duly completed;
– Submit a detailed breakdown of costs supporting the Form of Quotation;
– Demonstrate that the work detailed in this Brief can be completed within the proposed timescales;
– Provide details of how the assessment will be undertaken, including details of any data sources which will be used; and how stakeholder consultation will be carried out;
– Copies of at least two previous similar projects (with contact details for references) should be included;
– Include details of qualifications and CV’s of the staff who will be working on the project and explanations of why their qualifications make them the best choice to advise us in this matter.  This should include identification of the Project Lead, who will also be required to lead the presentation at interview.

The Consultant will need to demonstrate that they have the relevant skills and experience to effectively manage the project and have the following capabilities:

– Clear understanding of the planning system and relevant policy and guidance;
– Delivery of robust and defendable methodology which accords with relevant national policy and guidance;
– Proven track record of delivering similar work;
– Proven experience of working closely and effectively with a range of stakeholders;
– Market awareness;
– Relevant experience dealing with out of town retail schemes and the impact on local town centres and in particular Designer Outlet Centres.

Please indicate in your quotation all documentary information relating to the contract award criteria below, such as details of experience, qualifications and references.

Bid Evaluation Criteria:

– Price 40%

– Quality and Experience of Consultants with comparable work 60%

  1. Qualifications and experience of staff undertaking the work
  2. A demonstration of understanding of what is required and quality of methodology proposed.
  3. Demonstrable experience of delivering retail need assessment work to inform robust and defendable local planning policy.
  4. Understanding and experience of town centre issues, including market awareness.
  5. Understanding of and experience of dealing with the relationship between town centres and designer outlet centres.
  6. Understanding of and experience of dealing with leisure needs assessments using a robust and defendable methodology.
  7. Ability and experience of joint working and engaging stakeholders to establish views and achieve shared outcomes.

The submissions will be evaluated and the companies whose bid attracts the highest scores will be invited for interview/presentation (max 4 companies).  Please ensure that all senior team members are available to attend the interview.

Bid Returns:
The Form of Quotation together with all documentation supplied by the Council to the submitting company must be duly completed and submitted to the Customer Services Manager, Customer Contact Centre, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent. TN23 1PL by no later than 12 noon on Friday 14th November 2014.  Any Form of Quotation submitted after that date may not be considered for acceptance.  The Form of Quotation must be sealed in an envelope labelled Town Centre Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment.  Any such envelope shall not bear the name or mark by which the submitting company can be identified.

Interview and Contract Award:
The lead client is Ashford Borough Council.  The Contract will be awarded to the company who attracts the highest score, following evaluation of the quality aspect of the interview and further costing information.

– Bid submission: 12 Noon Friday 14th November 2014
– Bid evaluation and invitation to interview: w/c 17th November 2014
– Interviews: Friday 21st November 2014
– Contract Award: w/c 24th November 2014

Attached Documents:
– Ashford Borough Council Form of Quotation and Instructions and Conditions of quotation – Retail and Leisure Assessment
– Consultant’s Brief: Town Centre Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment for Ashford Borough Council 24/10/14

1) Please DO NOT express an interest directly through the portal, as your interest will not be registered.
2) Please keep additional marketing materials to a minimum, other than documents requested.
3) Final Consultants report will be copyright and owned by Ashford Borough Council
4) Start/End dates within this notice are indicative only and actual timetable will be agreed with the successful company

Contact for queries:
If you have any queries regarding this project please contact Ashley Taylor, Principal Policy and queries about bid submission contact Caroline Carney, Procurement Officer on (01233) 330605 or


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