Training Provider Framework

Training Provider Framework

19 Lots.  Lot 1 Leadership and Management – Theory and Skills Lot 2 Leadership and Management – Performance Lot 3 Leadership and Management – Staffing.

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LCRCA – Training Provider Framework – 2022 – 2026
261500 – Training & Conferences

The Skills & Apprenticeship Hub Team are part of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and Strategic Investment Fund (SIF). A ‘Priority Training Support’ programme is being developed to support locally based employers. The priority areas have been developed from a survey undertook with LCR employers in June 2021. These priority training areas have been separated into 19 Lots. LCRCA is looking for organisations to deliver a series of short yet focused and challenging training programmes that adhere to a predetermined framework of elements that are detailed within the specifications for each of the lots. The framework will run for 4 years, funded by the above-mentioned schemes up until December 2022. When we will look to seek other funding streams in order to call of the framework in the future. We have 18 lots listed below, each lot will be single party, suppliers may bid for a maximum of 3 lots in total: Lot 1 Leadership & Management – Theory & Skills Lot 2 Leadership & Management – Performance Lot 3 Leadership & Management – Staffing Lot 4 Business Skills – Business Fundamentals Lot 5 Business Skills – Marketing Lot 6 Business Skills – Languages Lot 7 Business Skills – Import/Export Regulations & Tax Lot 8 Basic skill – IT Skills Lot 9 Basic skills – Visual Basics Lot 10 Soft Support Skills Team Member Lot 11 Soft Support Skills – Mental Health – Stress and Resilience Lot 12 Soft Support Skills – Problem Solving Lot 13 Hospitality – Tour Guide Lot 14 Hospitality – Marketing Lot 15 Hospitality – Management Lot 16 Hospitality – Events Lot 17 Hospitality – Customer Service Skills Lot 18 Hospitality – Digital Sales Lot 19 Advanced IT Skills

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ESF, Training , Funding

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From 29/10/2021 17:00 to 30/11/2021 10:30