Translation Services West Midlands

Translation Services West Midlands

We are currently re-tendering our telephone interpretation services. Reference number: MH108

Deadline date: 30/03/2012

This deadline is for… The close of the ITT period.

Contract value: £100,000 – £160,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: West Midlands

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? Yes

Name of the buying organisation: Midland Heart


Description of the contract

To communicate effectively with our customers, Midland Heart uses telephone and written translation services across many areas of our operation. Given the nature of our business it is extremely important that we continue to employ translation and interpretation services to ensure that the information and advice we provide our customers is understood and customers are able to raise their concerns or queries. We are currently re-tendering our telephone interpretation services. Our aims are to provide a high quality service to our customers and ensure that our contract with a provider represents value for money. Midland Heart is a Registered Social Landlord; overall it manages approximately 32,000 properties. Midland Heart services are delivered to customers through two business units. The first business unit operates in the Midlands with the majority of general needs housing stock being located in Birmingham, but also covers areas such as Wolverhampton, Stafford, Leicester and Coventry. The second business unit provides care and support to customers across the region. Care and Support functions include; homeless services, young persons services, older persons services, mental health and learning disability services. In 2008, Midland Heart carried out a customer census to understand more about the needs of our customers. We have an almost 98% completion rate of our census and in regards to the languages spoken, they are as follows (This list is not exhaustive): Urdu Bengali Somali Polish Punjabi Vietnamese Arabic Kurdish French Guajarati Farsi Cantonese Portuguese A recent report from our current telephone interpretation provider indicates demand for the following languages (listed in descending order of call volumes): Polish French Swahili Bengali Gujarati Cantonese Urdu Farsi Portuguese Somali Amharic Vietnamese Arabic Hindi Lithuanian Punjabi Russian Spanish Kurdish Slovak Bosnian Tigrinya Dutch Thai Mandarin German Dari Latvian Croatian Turkish Czech Italian Korean Tamil Pashto Swahili Bulgarian kirundi Sorani Total usage of telephone translation services over a year was in excess of 18,000 minutes. Midland Heart aims to ensure that all customers receive a fair and consistent service irrespective of any language barriers. Accordingly, our telephone interpretation service is critical to our operation. The information we provide to a customer over the phone may have significant legal implications and any unfair or unequal treatment may be detrimental to the Human Rights of an individual. For these reasons it is imperative that we are able to provide a professional, confidential and accurate telephone translation service. Midland Heart is therefore looking to commission an interpretation service to provide us with instant telephone translation and proposals are invited to tender for a total contract duration of 3 years + 1 year extension. • All Interpreters will have a high degree of fluency in English and the ability to understand and translate the terminology likely to be used in a social housing environment around situations such as arrears management, repairs reporting, dealing with anti-social behaviour or tenancy breach and customer consultation • Details must be provided of Interpreter recruitment, training, supervision and quality control processes. • The service will be accessible over 24 hours, although the majority of calls will take place during office hours. Core Opening Hours are between 08:00am – 19:00pm. • The service can offer translation in the languages listed as indicative of our historic use of telephone translation services and others if required. • Assistance will be provided to identify the spoken language if necessary • All translators must sign up to a Code of Ethics including a commitment to confidentiality, professional conduct, courtesy and impartiality. • All Interpreters will have a current CRB certificate. • Average times to connect to a translator will be recorded and reported (average time to connect to service to be less than 15 seconds; average time to connect to an Interpreter to be less than 40 seconds). • Evidence must be provided that unmet calls (Interpreter unavailable) are below 1% • Publicity material to raise public awareness of the translation services must be provided for use in reception areas and around our offices. • Separate cost codes may be required to invoice us so that if necessary we can apportion cost. • The supplier must provide us with regular statistical data around call volumes, languages requested and identifiable trends. • Training resources must be provided for Midland Heart staff accessing the service. • Quarterly review and monitoring meetings will be held with the Midland Heart contract manager.




Classification of the contract

79530000 Translation services


Additional information

Contract type: Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? No

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria below:

Priority Description of criteria Percentage weighting
1 Quality 70.00
2 Price 30.00

Estimated length of contract: 01/06/2012 – 31/05/2015


Who to contact

Contact name Tina Lewis

Address 20 Bath Row, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 1LZ


Extension number:



Web address


How to apply

For suppliers interested in tendering for this opportunity they will be able to: Access tender information on the Midland Heart Limited website from 12:00 noon on the 9th March 2012. Supplier questions to be submitted via e-mail to by Friday 16th March 2012 @ 17.00 with responses from Midland Heart by 17.00pm on the 23rd March 2012. Responses will be posted on the Midland Heart Limited website tender page on this date. Tenders are required via post and will close @ 13:00pm on Friday 30th March 2012 with interview dates to commence 17th & 18th April 2012. Supplier must have an annual turnover in the most recent year in excess of GBP 160,000, and must hold minimum insurance levels as follows – GBP1million professional indemnity and GBP5 million public and employer’s liability individually. An Equifax report will be obtained for each supplier and must pass minimum criteria. ITT Scoring will be based on 70% Quality questions 30% Price questions for the ITT stage. Tender scoring will be available in tender documents. A maximum of 4 suppliers will be chosen from the ITT stage and invited to interview with the top 4 highest scoring companies. Contact Details: Tina Lewis, Procurement Team, Assistant Category Manager, Midland Heart Ltd, Bath Row, Birmingham B15 1LZ. 0121 666 5406