Underwater Imagery Analysis – Request for Quotation

Underwater Imagery Analysis – Request for Quotation

To undertake the analysis of seabed imagery (still images and video) collected on the CEND0719 survey.

RFQ for Marine underwater imagery analysis for Greater Haig Fras MCZ

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  • Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services – 71600000
  • Analysis services – 71620000
  • Aquatic marine services – 98361000

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NR33 0HT

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Published date

19 July 2021

Closing date

27 July 2021

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1 August 2021

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13 December 2021

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Service contract

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Open (non-OJEU)

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Cefas wishes to commission a contract to undertake the analysis of seabed imagery (still images and video) collected on the CEND0719 survey from the Greater Haig Fras MCZ.
– Analysis will be undertaken as set out in imagery specification provided for this work (‘ANNEX A – CEND0719 GHFR imagery analysis specification’, included as part of the Tender package) and adhering to the NMBAQC Epibiota interpretation guidelines (Turner et al, 2016).
– The online annotation software BIIGLE will be used to annotate video and still images as described in the imager specification.
– Video tows are to be segmented into areas of continuous broadscale seabed habitat type greater than or equal to 5 m along transect distance. Sea-pen and burrowing megafauna analysis transects will be additionally analysed using frames taken from the video.
– A minimum of 10% of the videos and stills should be re-analysed for QA purposes by the contractor and reported on.
– An external QA (10% reanalysis) will be undertaken in advance of final data delivery. Following award of the contract, and dependent on the evaluation scores they achieved, unsuccessful bidders may be invited to undertake the independent external QA aspects of this project. Please indicate in your tender if you wish to be considered for this work.
– Any deviation from this methodology should be approved in writing by the Cefas project officer.
– The successful Tenderer will produce an analysis report.
– Substrate and taxonomic image reference collections are required
– A start-up meeting will be held with the successful Tenderer within a fortnight of the contract being awarded. During the start-up meeting Cefas will provide guidance on use of BIIGLE in MPA projects if needed.


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Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.


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Chloe Halifax


Pakefield Road
NR33 0HT