Venue Hire Oxfordshire

Venue Hire Oxfordshire

Supply of venue for the STFC Oxford School on Neutron Scattering 2013. Contract value:£40,000 – £60,000. 

Reference number: PS120017

Deadline date:02/07/2012

This deadline is for… Return of completed bid submissions

Contract value:£40,000 – £60,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: Oxford The event is taking place in Oxford, Oxfordshire, therefore the venue needs to be located nearby as well.

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? No

Name of the buying organisation: RCUK SSC Ltd


Description of the contract

The Oxford School for Neutron Scattering (OSNS) is a two-week introduction to neutron scattering theory, techniques and applications. It is co-organized by ISIS/STFC and the Department of Physics, Oxford University, and funded jointly by STFC, the Institut-Laue-Langevin (ILL), Grenoble and the NMI3 project under European Framework Program 7 (FP7-II). STFC now require a venue for the OSNS 2013 venue. The next school will take place from the 2nd – 13th September 2013, with lectures and tutorials given in the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford. Places will be made available to 50 residential students, and 10 non-residential students.




Classification of the contract

79952000 Event services

55110000 Hotel accommodation services

98341000 Accommodation services


Additional information

Contract type: Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? No

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract: 02/09/2013 – 20/09/2013


Who to contact

Contact name Jonathan Smith

Organisation name RCUK SSC Ltd

Address , SN2 1FF


Extension number:



Web address


How to apply

Please request a copy of the full Invitation to Bid and specification from