Webinar Production and Administration Tender

Webinar Production and Administration Tender

Procurer reference: Webinar Production-CW-22/03/12
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Webinar Production and Administration Tender
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Webinar Production-CW-22/03/12
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72413000 – World wide web WWW site design services.
72000000 – IT services – consulting, software development, Internet and support.
72400000 – Internet services.
72420000 – Internet development services.

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SECTION I: Details of the Request for Quote
Description of the RFQ


Chwarae Teg, through the Agile Nation Project is currently developing a method for delivering some of our project aims through the facilitation of webinars to business across Wales.

The current name for this is:

• Evolve 24/7, the aim of which is to:

o Encourage engagement with the project

o Facilitate discussion around the subject areas dealt with by the project

o Assist business in improving policies and processes by working with the project and their peers

The content of the Evolve 24/7 site will be built around webinars to be held every quarter. Whilst regular webinars will form the core of the website, we also plan to provide information and guidance on the webinar subject in the lead up to the event, as well as the opportunity to further discuss the webinar subject online following the event. In essence the aim is to encourage long term engagement with the website as well as building a valuable resource of information around the relevant subject areas.

This tender is to cover 6 webinars, over an 18 month period, with one webinar held on a quarterly basis during that period, with the aim that the first is held in late spring 2012. The cost should include the estimated overall cost for all webinars and include both initial set-up charges, on-going costs and VAT.

The Tender

Chwarae Teg requires the services of a person or company that can work with us to develop, deliver and administer the webinar programme as well as help us integrate its functionality in to the other services we’ve developed. The tender is focused on identifying a person or company that can provide all hardware, knowledge and services necessary to publish the webinars as described.

Regular webinars will form the heart of our offering around a process as described below:

1. Businesses are identified by the project and encouraged to access the Evolve 24/7 website

2. The website advertises and provides the ability to register for the webinar as well as providing information (documents, links etc) and guidance regards the subject and presenter for forthcoming webinars and is available for one month prior to the webinar

3. The webinar, 45 minute duration with the ability of viewers to submit questions via either e-mail or text interface. The webinar will typically consist of video, audio and slideshow presentation although other formats may be specified later

4. Coordinator will either pass questions to presenter to be answered immediately or questions will be stored to be answered later (see forums below)

5. Webinar video will be available for download following the event and forums will be created to answer questions identified during the webinar

6. Discussion to be encouraged within forums, blogs etc

The tender is to identify a person or company that can organise and manage the webinars including but not limited to…

1. Suggest / Evaluate locations for webinars

2. Work with our website developer to integrate webinar in to our website

3. Provide all technical equipment and expertise for webinar

4. Manage production of webinar

5. Produce and store video of webinar for later download

6. Ensure a number of options for participation in webinar across various bandwidth and platform types

7. Help us manage participation in webinar (communication with participants and potential participants plus registration)

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SECTION II: Contact Information
Name of the Organisation
Chwarae Teg
Contact Name
Mr Carl Williams
Unit 2 Melin Corwg Business Parc, Cardiff Road, Upper Boat, Treforest
CF37 5BE
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