Website Development Contract – Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Website Development Contract – Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Development and on-going support of its external website.

Contract summary


  • World wide web (www) site design services – 72413000
  • World wide web (www) site operation host services – 72415000

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Published date

15 November 2019

Closing date

17 January 2020

Contract start date

10 February 2020

Contract end date

09 February 2021

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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is inviting tenders from suitably qualified companies for the development and on-going support of its external website.


About the buyer

Contact name

Peter Lloyd


2 Marlow Road
United Kingdom





Other information


Additional information on how to apply for this contract

This tender will be conducted using the CWGC e-Procurement portal –

In order that you can be invited to participate in this exercise, or if you wish to participate in any future tenders issued by the CWGC, you must first register with the portal. Guidance on how to register and who to bid can be found here:

Please note: When entering a contact email address for both the Primary and Additional Users, you are advised to add a generic address which can be readily accessed by more than one person i.e. “”, rather than a personal address such as “”. This way you will still be able to access any communications sent by us via the portal if an individual in unavailable through leave or sickness, for example. Also, when registering, you can include as many “Business Classifications” as you think are appropriate (the wild card for searching is “_”) but, as a minimum, can you please include “7451 – Comms – Website” – which is the closest match for this particular project.

To ensure transparency, the portal will also be used for all correspondence relating to the tender.

If you have any questions about registration, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Lloyd – details at the end of this advert

Is a Recurrent Procurement Type? : No


How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided, or follow the instructions given in the notice description or information section.