Website Development Contract for Department of Health

Website Development Contract for Department of Health

As with other microsites within the DH portfolio, this website is hosted on a single WordPress platform as a CMS and with a WordPress database. It is also hosted on a WordPress IaaS platform, and that this has been modified to allow some functionality, so it would not be possible to ‘lift and shift’. 

RM1043 Digital Services – DoH Responsibility Deal Website

Reference number:RM1043 DS01-074

Deadline date:12/09/2014

This deadline is for…Transparency purposes only. This is a Call-Off from an established framework, RM1043 Digital Services, and no additional tenders will be accepted.

Contract value:£0 – £0

Location where the contract is to be carried out:United Kingdom

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes

Name of the buying organisation:Crown Commercial Service on behalf of the Department of Health

Description of the contract

1. The current Responsibility Deal website can be accessed at 2. The Responsibility Deal (RD) is a programme where organisations sign up to take voluntary action to improve public health. It is open to any organisation, of any size and from any sector. Organisations that are part of the programme are called partners, and currently number ~690. 3. There are two aspects to the RD programme –partners can either be local or national; they generally cannot be both, and although the core is consistent (sign up, selection of pledges, reporting of action and publishing of the same) the processes differ. 4. DH has committed to make the following information on the RD publicly available online: • a list of RD partners & the pledges they have signed up to • publish delivery plans & annual updates from RD partners for both national and local partners. 5. The current site provides organisations with an online registration facility and an online portal for national partners through which they can manage their participation in the RD. We would like the new site to extend these commitments to the local part of the RD. 6. Helpful technology developed a web application in 2012 to support operation of the RD programme. As with other microsites within the DH portfolio, this website is hosted on a single WordPress platform as a CMS and with a WordPress database. It is also hosted on a WordPress IaaS platform, and that this has been modified to allow some functionality, so it would not be possible to ‘lift and shift’. DH’s assessment is that the existing code would not pass a code review test because of the level of customisation. It is DH’s view that this means the code is not reusable and further, that WordPress is not the right solution for the Responsibility Deal needs. 7. The current WordPress application is regarded as no longer fit for purpose. It is not scalable nor is there scope for quick-win functional refresh/improvement. It relies heavily on some 3rd party plugins some of which are outdated and not easy to upgrade without full impact analysis and significant user testing. 8. Since 2013, the application was and is hosted by DWX Ltd who provides limited technical support. The website has become increasingly unstable with significant risk to the site from further development or addition of functionality, arising from the original coder being no longer able to support the application. 9. There are two main functions performed by the website. It presents information through the public facing website (via WordPress CMS and Database) and receives and manages information from partners. It does not currently meet other needs such as providing management information or reports, but it does however have a Google Analytics code for tracking frontend activity on the site 10. There are in practice three broad categories of users of the site who have different needs and differing degrees of interactivity and use: the DH RD team; members of the public, NGOs, media and other interested DH staff; and partners. 11. The RD team fulfils the administrative role and updates the website (through the WP dashboard) with assistance and support from DH’s digital team. This includes updating stories on the homepage, processing applications made by partners such as becoming members, signing up to new pledges, submitting delivery plans or annual reports or adding materials to the ‘Good Practice’ section of the site. 12. Other DH staff also use the public-facing aspect of the application, to interrogate activity taken under the deal, as do many of the partners. 13. Public and NGOs use and interrogate the site to monitor progress of action taken by partners against the pledges. 14. Partners login to the partner secured pages of the site to manage their accounts, upload data for clearance by the team and email contact the team with queries. The emails arrive to a generic RD account, managed by staff through MS Outlook. Partners are either national or local- and if local, there is currently a separate section of the website for them and the processes for registering and reporting annual updates are managed via Google templates. 15. We now want an efficient and effective system which will support DH to meet its commitments regarding the provision of information on the RD, mainly through supporting partners to efficiently and easily operate on the site. 16. We want the new site to host and allow interrogation of existing content. This includes all delivery plans and annual updates ever provided by partners. The system currently only shows on the website the most recent partner submission, not those from previous years. Updates from year 2011-12 are hosted in an excel format, available on the site, which would want to be migrated to the new product so that it is consistent with the most recent update.


Classification of the contract

72000000IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Additional information

Contract type:Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement?Yes

Framework agreement details:contract being called off a framework agreement

Is this contract related to a programme of funding?No

Contract will be awarded based on:Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract:4 Months

Who to contact

Contact nameDSF Managed Service Team

Organisation nameCrown Commercial Service

Address9th Floor The Capital, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9PP


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How to apply

This is a Call-Off RFP from an established framework – RM1043 Digital Services – and has been published for transparency purposes only. This RFP is open only to suppliers specifically invited via the Crown Commercial Service eSourcing Suite and no additional tenders will be accepted.