Website Development Contract – Women Adding Value to the Economy

Website Development Contract – Women Adding Value to the Economy

Development of a Bilingual Website for the Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) Project.

Value of tender: £Undisclosed
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Contract Type
Name of the organisation
University of South Wales
Contact Name
Tina Struebig
Procurement Officer, University of South Wales, Finance Dept, Llantwit Road, Pontypridd
CF37 1DL
01443 482383
01443 482384
Web Address
Service category
7 – Computer and related services
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Title of the contract
Development of a Bilingual Website for the Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) Project
Description of the contract

You are invited to submit an expression of interest to develop a highly modern, interactive, portable web package for WAVE project (which is an ESF project funded through the Welsh

Government). If invited to submit a final proposal, this should include the mechanisms that you would employ to create the website, which may not be limited to the mentioned ones only.

We expect to procure a dynamic web package which would be backed up with highly robust security and data integrity, whilst also portraying a gender sensitive design with browsing mechanisms that specifically allow our potential participants to retrieve/access/participate in

our programme, and provide them with rich and relevant information and confidence.

We would expect the web package to also be an effective inter linkage mechanism between the 3 partners so that it could satisfy individual objectives of the three strands of activity and also allow all the users/participants to utilize one database system which would act as a major means of storage and data processing unit.

We would expect the web package to be highly compatible and portable to follow strictly the accessibly guidelines as mentioned in the ‘From technical aspect’ section. (attached document)

Also we expect the proposal to outline the training/support that would be provided, within a specified period of time.

Our selection will be in the following format:

• First we would expect you to submit the EOI form upon which shortlisting will be based

Please submit the EOI form to register your interest (as attached)

• At the second phase we would expect the shortlisted bidders to provide us with a final proposal which would include a detailed ‘Project Development Plan’ focusing on the following details

o Hosting recommendations

o List of key software to be used

o The stages, an indication of key milestones and time scale of the project

o Any necessary arrangements/adjustments

o We would expect you to come up with detailed costings that you assume will be involved in the development of the project

o The inclusive price for the whole project

o A plan to provide training/support

• With the project proposal we would also request you to provide a short demonstration of a demo web package reflecting the ideas developed through the proposed project proposal

Place / site of work / delivery
WAVE offices

Classification of contract (CPV codes)
72413000 – World wide web WWW site design services.
72000000 – IT services – consulting, software development, Internet and support.
72420000 – Internet development services.

Contract Length
Starting date:
and/or Ending date
Contract will be awarded based on:

Most economically advantageous tender in terms of:1. Contract will be awarded based on:
2. Value for money (The University will base their award on the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) and are therefore not at liberty to accept the lowest offer).
3. Demonstration of development experience in similar web packages including, if possible, those with gendered themes [with the European Union and /or the Welsh
4. Government funding criteria].
5. Quality of proposal.
6. Evidence in delivering products in given budget and time frame.
7. Project team personnel (competencies of the team delivery).
8. Fulfilling WEFO criteria and accessibility guideline.

SECTION IV: Administrative Information

Instructions to suppliers

The contract will be awarded through a competitive open procurement process. Potential delivery suppliers are invited to submit an Expression of Interest, via proper demonstration, in accordance with the Expression of interest questionnaire. This would then be developed on the basis of the information as stated in the Award Criteria.

The Expression of Interest will be assessed by a panel comprising relevant personnel from within the WAVE project supported, where relevant, by other appropriate University personnel. Based on the information contained in the Expression of Interest, a shortlist of potential delivery suppliers will be drafted.

The WAVE team also reserves the right to request routine appraisal and demonstration in between the development phases.

For specific queries regarding the tender process please contact:

Tina Struebig

Procurement Officer

Finance Department

University of South Wales


CF37 1DL

Tel +44 (0) 1443 482383

Procurement Process

The dates mentioned here are guidelines only and may be subject to change.

Expression of Interest closing date: 17th June 2013

Shortlisting takes place: 18th June-21st June 2013

Successful/unsuccessful candidates notified : 21st June 2013

Tender closing date: 5th July 2013

Demonstration/presentation: 17th July 2013

Contract award date: 26th July 2013

Expectation of the First phase of the Website to be on live: 27th September 2013

Expectation of the final phase of the fully functional website: 31st December 2013

Reference Number
Deadline Date
Deadline date refers to
Receipt of Expression of Interest and Pre Qualification Questionnaire and associated accompanying documents.
Does this contract relate to a Project / Programme funded by EU funds?

Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) An ESF funded project through the Welsh Government

The University of South Wales, the Women’s Workshop and Cardiff University are joint sponsors of an innovative equal pay project. This 3 year project, entitled ‘Women Adding

Value to the Economy’ or WAVE, is funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

The aim of the project is to understand and ‘interrupt’ the ways in which gender pay inequalities are consistently reproduced through occupational segregation in employment, self employment and training.


WEFO Funded