IT and Website Development for Skills Funding Agency Website

IT and Website Development for Skills Funding Agency Website

The services will be developed, tested and operated on Microsoft’s Azure platform and will be loosely coupled to other elements of the SFA IT estate. This procurement will secure technical development, test and integration resources for the Transformation project to build and deploy the FCT Core IT Services.

RM1043 Digital Services – Skills Funding Agency Website

Reference number:RM1043 DSF01-087

Deadline date:09/10/2014

This deadline is for…Transparency purposes only. This is a Call-Off from an established framework, RM1043 Digital Services, and no additional tenders will be accepted.

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Location where the contract is to be carried out:United Kingdom

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes

Name of the buying organisation:Crown Commercial Service on behalf of Skills Funding Agency (SFA)

Description of the contract

1. Skills Funding Agency Overview The Skills Funding Agency (SFA – the Agency) is a partner organisation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and directs and oversees the use of public funding to further education colleges and training organisations. This investment enables it to deliver the Government’s aspirations for a skilled nation through implementing the policies set out in Investing in Skills for Sustainable Growth, (BIS, November 2010) and in New Challenges, New Chances (BIS, 2011). The Agency invests circa £3.6 billion of public funding annually to support over three million learners. The Education Funding Agency (EFA) is the Department for Educations (DfE) delivery agency for funding and compliance. The EFA provides revenue and capital funding for education for learners to the value of £52 billion p.a. The EFA currently use the funding and contracting service of the Agency to support their services. 2. Funding and Contracting Services Funding and Contracting Services are essential core functions of the Agency. They ensure the Further Education system can fulfil its role in meeting the skills needs of the economy by managing the allocation of £3.6bn per year for over 3 million learners through agreements and contracts with over: • 350 General Further Education (FE) Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges and Specialist Designated institutions. • 1000 private training providers. • 200 public training providers (e.g. Local Authorities). • 35 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) offering Further Education Courses. • 2,470 schools, including Maintained, Academies and Special. The Agency issues contracts with providers and employers. Contracts vary in detail, but there are two general types: • ‘Pay on Profile’ where standardised payments are regularly made, with annual reconciliation undertaken to review delivery • ‘Payment by Results’ where payments are made based on actual delivery information that is returned to the Agency on a regular basis, generally monthly. These contracts enable regular performance management to be undertaken, with contracts being varied as required. The Agency manages the relationship and financial interactions with the European Social Fund (ESF). This fund supports the provision of learning that meets agreed qualifying criteria. The Agency submits claims to ESF when eligible training has been delivered. The Agency has a responsibility to ensure eligible funding is claimed according to the ESF governance rules. Key aspects of these rules are that the claims are timely, can be evidenced through management information and audited. 3. The Funding and Contracting Transformation Programme The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) is currently delivering significant Reform. The Funding and Contracting Transformation (FCT) programme will transform business operations and replace CCM and Match & Claim systems with a new system to contract, performance manage and trigger payments to providers. Specific business service areas to be addressed by FCT include: • Contracting with Providers for learning delivery • Claim Management for ESF • A small subset of Provider Contracts and Finance Hub that fits strategically with FCT To achieve these strategic objectives, FCT is developing Core IT Services and delivers corresponding business change in time to support transactions in the 2015/16 Academic Year. It replaces the services delivered currently by CCM and M&C. 4. Delivering FCT Transformation FCT is being delivered according to the Government Digital by Default Standard. It is employing an Agile Scrum method for development, test and continual release of system functionality. The programme successfully concluded its Alpha phase in July 2014 and is now preparing to move into Beta. Through Alpha, the FCT programme built a working prototype of FCT IT Services using Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Azure. The prototype technology was chosen from a short list recommended by PA Consulting in the market evaluation commissioned by FCT in Discovery. Evidence from the Alpha project shows that a core CRM capability can fulfil significant elements of FCT requirements. FCT will now move into Beta and Live phases developing core IT services using an OpenSource accelerator (Grants Manager Plus), based on Microsoft CRM 13, with the surrounding elements being bespoke build, in .net. The services will be developed, tested and operated on Microsoft’s Azure platform and will be loosely coupled to other elements of the SFA IT estate. This procurement will secure technical development, test and integration resources for the Transformation project to build and deploy the FCT Core IT Services. The Transformation project team has been mobilised and is partially staffed by SFA and BAE Systems as the Agency’s Service Integrator. The resources secured by this procurement will join scrum teams managed by the FCT Delivery Manager. The FCT Business Change Delivery project has analysed existing funding and contracting resources, structures and processes and refined these into streamlined user stories, epics and personae. This depth of content informs the FCT product backlog. Prioritisation of the backlog for technical development is informed by the Academic Year business cycle which requires transactions between SFA and Providers to occur at specific times. The FCT programme team is constantly developing further depth in business transformation plans and continually prioritising the backlog for development.


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72000000IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

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Contact nameDSF Managed Service Team

Organisation nameCrown Commercial Service

Address9th Floor The Capital, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9PP


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This is a Call-Off RFP from an established framework – RM1043 Digital Services – and has been published for transparency purposes only. This RFP is open only to suppliers specifically invited via the Crown Commercial Service eSourcing Suite and no additional tenders will be accepted.